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My new series is out!!!!

2010-05-31 16:12:49 by MFRS

My most recent series is out. It's called: What if we never worried about...? and this first episode is about taxes. Watch it and give me some feedback so i can know if i should continue this series or not :D. Cya all to my next post :D.

Hi everyone!!. It's been a while since i posted anything on newgrounds xD. I have got a little better in flash, and i have new videos to post here, including a new series!!!!. So in a week or so i'll post every new video i have. Also, we are about to start the second episode of Internet Security. Stay tuned!!! :D.

After some time, the collab video between me, HelloLilly and FornoReason is finnaly here!!!! See it and comment it so we can know where to improve and make the series more interesting :D. This series is called "Internet security". Hope you like it!!

First Post on Ng

2009-07-03 15:45:04 by MFRS

Hi everyone! This is the first time i post something in Ng. As a flash animator so far i have done only 2 animations, one of them is actually here on Ng. For future projects, i am going to start a collab series with HelloLilly as a animator and me as the writer. Thanks to all those who commented my first video here and all that saw it too. See you all to my next post and stay tuned for the release of mine and HelloLilly's series!!!!!